Artists who have moonlighted as art advisors have a long and storied history.

In the 17th century, Vermeer was an art dealer in his spare time. Velazquez traveled throughout Italy collecting paintings for the King of Spain; today those works hang in Madrid's great Prado Museum. In the 20th century, the painter William Glackens was pivotal in building the collection of the Barnes Foundation; meanwhile, Marcel Duchamp advised many collectors, including the Haas family in San Francisco, whose modernist masterworks now belong to the SFMoMA.

John Dubrow has launched John Dubrow Fine Art, an art advisory service which offers clients the unique opportunity to work with an artist who has devoted his life to his painting practice and earned the respect of galleries, critics, contemporary artists, and collectors worldwide. 

John has long been known for his keen eye and his encyclopedic knowledge of all art periods, as well as his ability to place individual pieces in their aesthetic and art historical arcs. His skill and sensitivity in differentiating between paintings of varying quality comes as second nature to him, and make for remarkable opportunities in finding undervalued masterpieces for his clients.

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